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Chen Huiqing, Deputy Secretary of Zhuzhou Municipal Committee and Mayor, and his party visited Chuangrui for investigation.


On September 18th, the deputy secretary of Zhuzhou Municipal Committee and the mayor and his party visited Chuangrui for investigation, and had an in-depth discussion with Chairman Jiang Gui on the research, development and application of advanced ceramic materials and advanced ceramic products.

"26 years, Chuangrui has always adhered to scientific and technological innovation, adhered to the' high quality' position, and focused on advanced ceramic materials and products." Chairman Jiang reported in detail to Chen Huiqing, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee and mayor, that Chuangrui made great efforts in scientific and technological innovation. Taking "manufacturing power and quality power" as the initial intention, Chuangrui has sharpened its sword for ten years, broken the technological monopoly of foreign countries, and successfully developed and mass-produced nano-sized zirconia microspheres, silicon nitride microspheres and zirconia ceramic structures.

Chen Huiqing, deputy secretary of Zhuzhou Municipal Party Committee and mayor, said: "The advanced ceramic industry has broad development prospects. Based on high-quality development and industry advantages, it will accelerate product and technology innovation and promote enterprises to become bigger and stronger. At present, Chuangrui should actively seize new energy and new materials to develop the golden track, and rely on innovation, especially technological innovation, to achieve power change and kinetic energy conversion. "

Jiang Gui, Chairman of Sunrui, said: "Lighter and more wear-resistant" is the new direction of Sunrui at this stage. The new product "composite ceramic component" being developed by our company will replace the previous similar products and meet the needs from functional products to "high-quality advanced ceramic products" with more wear resistance, higher strength and longer service life, which will effectively help customers reduce the use cost. In the future, Sunrui will continue to exert its strength in scientific and technological innovation, adhere to the "high quality" position, and contribute to building a manufacturing power and a quality power.


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