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One mind, One road, advance together——Chuangrui staff tea party

It is the "dog days" of the heat, in order to enhance the cohesion of employees and create a harmonious and happy working atmosphere. On the afternoon of July 14, in the hall of the first floor of Building 4, the new chapter.

The chairman Jiang of the company, the executive vice president Wang and representatives of all departments of the company participated in the tea party.

Employees from all departments gathered together, with more than 10 years of old employees, but also new employees. From introducing and sharing new and old employees, to introducing the development process of the company, leaders and employees communicate with them, share their experiences, and feel the warmth of Chuangrui family together.

  1. New employee introduction and entry sharing

Each new employee in the existing position conscientiously, showing the positive spirit of excellent new employees.

  1. Play the video during the anti-epidemic period to pay tribute to the old employees

The video shows the spirit of solidarity to overcome difficulties, which infected everyone present, to thank the old employees for their long-term contributions to the company.

One mind, One road, advance together——A sharp staff tea party in warm and happy atmosphere, a sharp to staff care do real fine, through a variety of activities, let employees really see, touch, perceive the warmth of the enterprise, for each employee to create a unity and love, positive and healthy working environment, wish everyone in the future work concentric dream, create a better new chapter.

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